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Hatchery Transfer Unit


Automatic Hatchery Transfer unit can be utilized with virtually any make of tray including chick master, jamesway, buckeye, kuhl, etc. Unit can also lift any type of egg including pheasant, chicken, turkey, duck, etc. Candling is fully optional.

Unit is comprised of heavy-duty stainless steel to insure the highest levels of quality and durability. Machine is fully mobile and can be moved to any location that may be needed throughout the hatchery.

Vacuum head is actuated automatically when the setter or hatcher tray in the correct position. Vacuum head is also easily removed for periodic cleaning. Heads are available for all t rays and applications.

Candling unit can be added.

Dramatically reduce labor costs with a Kuhl Hatchery Transfer Unit. Capacities range up to 43,000 eggs per hour. Unit will not drop, crack, or damage eggs in anyway. Kuhl Hatchery Transfer Units reduce the amount of hairline cracks found in manual and other automated systems. This, in turn, increases your fertility rate increasing your bottom line.

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