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Shows & Exhibitions

IPPE International Production and Processing Expo
January 30th- February 1st 2018
World Congress Center
Booth 8029
Atlanta, GA

Henry Kuhl hyk@kuhlcorp.com
Kevin Kuhl khk@kuhlcorp.com
Rick Kuhl rk@kuhlcorp.com
Jeff Kuhl jbk@kuhlcorp.com
John Pickell jp@kuhlcorp.om
Bryan Kuhl bkuhl@kuhlcorp.com
Carlos Sanchez csa@kuhlcorp.com
Jaimie Mejia jaimie@kuhlcorp.com

2018 PA Game Breeders and Hunting Preserves Conference
February 25th-27th 2018
Ramada Inn and Conference Center
State College, PA

John Pickell jp@kuhlcorp.com

MacFarlane Bi-Annual Pheasant Management Seminar
March 4th-7th 2018
Ramada Inn Ball Room
Janesville, WI

Rick Kuhl Jr. rkuhl2@kuhlcorp.com

VIV Europe
June 20th -22nd
Utrelt, The Netherlands
Stand A108

Henry Kuhl hyk@kuhlcorp.om
Kevin Kuhl khk@kuhlcorp.com

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