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Chick Box Stacker/Unloader


Unit is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel. Can restack straight up for filled chick boxes to be loaded into the chick bus or automatically rotated for conventional restacking for storage. Capacity ranges from 16-17 boxes per minuet.

Chick box destacker can be combined with an automatic box paper embosser, cutter, and placer to make a fully automated system. PLC computer program fully controls this process and insures seamless operation insuring the highest levels of quality control.

Capacities range from 1,200 boxes per hour on a single destacker and 2,100 per hour on a double unit. Stacker can accommodate any brand or size of chick box. Stacker can also be used for a variety of boxes in other various industries including meat packaging, transportation, and retail use. Longer stack in-feed is available.

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