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Family Owned Since 1909.

Chick Box Washer/Dryer


Kuhl chick box washers outperform all competitive models. Our units produce the lowest bacteria counts of any equipment currently available. It has become essential in today’s enviornment to wash each chick box after every use. This is primarily found from a bio-security standpoint and an investment position as well. Kuhl chick box washers are found to reduce early mortality rates by eliminating bacteria left behind by competitive models.

Units are constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel to insure durability and provide unparalleled quality. Complete automation is made possible through our innovative wash, sanitize, and dry cleaning method. Chick boxes are able to be initially destacked, undergo the cleaning procedure, processed through an automatic paper layer, and complete the automation process at the counter.

Trust Kuhl’s over 40 years of manufacturing expertise to increase your hatcheries efficiency.

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