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Family Owned Since 1909.

Hatcher Tray Washer


Kuhl hatcher tray washers outperform all competitive models. Each unit is specifically built to increase your companies efficiency and boost your daily output. Tests show that Kuhl hatcher trays washers eliminate 99.98% of all shell borne bacteria. This increases fertility rates and reduces early mortality. Units are economically priced and fully customizable to meet your particular requirements and necessities.

Standard features include:

  • 100% stainless steel unibody welded construction.
  • “cutting edge” spray nozzels remove all debris and eliminates electrostatic build-up.
  • furnished set speed drive, with variable speed drive available
  • steam or hot water heat exchangers are standard with optional live steam injection.
  • separate rinse chamber with optional sanitizer rinse available.
  • horizontal stainless steel filter screens collect all debris and allow for complete inspection of water holding tanks. optional traveling filter system is available as well.
  • high pressure air blower/dryer provide 85-100% drip-free dry trays.

Kuhl hatcher tray washers are capable of washing a combination of items including hatcher baskets, setter trays, chick boxes, and transport trays. These items can be washed simultaniously with each other, with no need to change guidework or settings.

Units operate on 25% less energy then competitive models while maintaining the highest levels of quality and cleaning superiority. Different models are available to serve all sized operation.

Kuhl stands by all of its products and will service any of its machines no matter the age or current condition of the unit. Trust our over 40 years of manufacturing experience to meet all of your hatchery equipment needs.

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