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Family Owned Since 1909.

Kuhl has the engineering capability to wash and dry nearly any type of plastic or metal tray, pan, tub, and/or tote box. One of the nation’s largest fast food chains has reported that Kuhl washers provide the lowest bacteria counts of any available equipment of this kind. Kuhl washers are USDA approved and meet all strict requirements of the food and beverage industries.

Kuhl washers have received several certifications including USDA approved/C.E. marketing for the EEC; first firm to receive third party BISSC (Bakery) certification; ETL (UL) Electric Motor Starter Approval (customer’s option); and NSF (ETL) Certification for catering kitchens and other applications.

Kuhl washers are economically priced, and are individually designed and engineered to suit the needs of your particular application. Kuhl washers currently serve in the following industries: hatchery, bakery, beverage, candy/chocolate, pharmaceutical, pizza, grocery distribution, snack food, and dairy, red meat, poultry, and grocery distribution. Do it right the first time, choose Kuhl washers.

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