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Chick Counter


Inline chick counter capacity ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 chicks per hour. Kuhl Chick Counters utilize a hopper less design to greatly reduce operation time. Photoelectric sensors insure the highest levels of precision. Various computer settings allow the chick counter to adjust to chick size changes. The utilization of our high-speed micro processing controller eliminates the problem of counting egg shell pieces that many other competitive models experience. Computer system also enables you to store up to 60 different individual flock totals.

Maximum chick drop is 2.5” per conveyor insuring that the chicks will not be injured during the counting and boxing process. Kuhl Counting Systems are specifically designed to handle day-old chicks gently and safely without compromising speed and accuracy.

A wide variety of accessories are available to make your Kuhl Automatic Chick Counter specific to your operation. Some of these accessories include IB vaccinator, automatic box loader/stacker, and other various accessories to suit all of your needs.

Increase your hatchery’s efficiency with a Kuhl Automatic Chick Counter.

Protected by US Patent No. 5,626,101

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