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SB Series Egg Washer


Kuhl Egg Washers out perform all competitive brands. Large scale industrial use models range from 300, 400, 500 & 1,000 cases per hour.

Illustrated is Model SB Series with optional Traveling Filter System. Standard features include:

  • 100% stainless steel body and frame construction
  • unit comes standard with stainless steel nozzles, chain, shafts, and sprockets
  • combination of spray and brush washing
  • self-cleaning brush system prevents bacteria buildup
  • adjustable brush system allows for the ability to clean various egg sizes
  • washer comes complete with separate wall panel for electrical boxes
  • unit can stand alone or can be directly connected to a variety of egg graders including Moba, Staalkat, and Diamond
  • unit can also be directly connected to farm packers and egg breaking devices

Low water temperature is required for drying. Double drying action – eggs are dried twice. Room temperature filtered air is utilized. Special custom machined slots allow the pressurized air to completely dry eggs.

Increase your company’s efficiency. Choose Kuhl.

Kuhl SB Model Egg Washers are protected by US Patents 3,349,149; 4,499,623; 4,698,868; 4,704,755; 4,750,377; as well as; foreign patents.

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