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Egg Saver Series


Kuhl offers egg washers for nearly every application. No operation is too large or too small. Capacities range from 360-360,000 eggs per hour. Models are economically priced to fit the tightest of budgets.

Illustrated is the DEW10-2. Capacity of this particular unit ranges from 1,800 to 3,600 egg per hour. This unit combines economy with function. Eggs are not submerged, but utilize re-circulated, filtered pressure spray wash. The cleaning process is achieved by rotating the eggs on rubber rollers which insures that the egg is completely cleansed and free of debris. After the eggs are completely cleaned they are then passed through a sanitizing spray chamber. This insures that the eggs are completely free of shellborne bacteria. At this point the egg washer can be modified to suit all applications.

Many clients choose to connect the Kuhl Egg Washer to an egg grader or farm packer to complete a fully automated system, while others choose to manually unload the eggs for other various applications. The possibilities are endless. Kuhl Egg Washers can be custom modified to accommodate nearly any application.

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