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Family Owned Since 1909.

WEB Series Egg Washer


Kuhl Egg Washers are designed to be directly connected to SANOVO, SEYMOUR, DIAMOND, COENRAADTS or any other egg breaking or belt driven system for the use of multiple units. Tests prove Kuhl Egg Washers to increase the efficiency of egg breaking machines by 30% when compared to competitive brands.

Illustrated is Model WEB-SB 150-200 with featured Traveling Filter System. This unit is specifically designed to be directly connected to an egg breaker machine. Cleaning capacity ranges from 30 to 200 cases per hour. Special features include:

  • eliminates 99.8% of bacteria and shellborne salmonella
  • egg shaped, scalloped, horizontal moving nylon strip brushes come standard. This Kuhl Exclusive is much gentler on eggs than any other brushing system.
  • fully adjustable brush height, as well as, spray wash pressure.
  • patented Traveling Filter System (TFS) provides extended operation time without stopping to clean filter trays.

Trust our over 40 years of manufacturing experience to increase your operations efficiency.

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