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Egg Trays/Flats

Kuhl offers the world's largest, most extensive line of plastic egg trays/flats. Kuhl accomodates nearly every type of egg including chicken, turkey, duck, peacock, quail, guinea, chukkar, and pheasant. Kuhl egg trays/flats are also currently utilized to safely transport delicate parts serving the computer, construction, and aerospace industries during transit. Kuhl manufactures a tray/flat for nearly every application. The possibilities are endless. Quantity discounts are available. Contact Kuhl for additional information.       


Product#: STK-30
30-Egg Tray for Transportation

Product#: XLT-30AAA

Product#: WAS-30
30-Egg Washing Egg Tray

Product#: HB-30
30-egg stiff material tray

Product#: TEG-20
20-Egg Tray For Turkey, Duck, & Peafowl

Product#: HB-20
20-Egg Stiff Egg Tray

Product#: Q-95-ST
95-Egg Quail Egg Tray

Product#: PET-46-ST
46-Egg Pheasant Egg Tray

Product#: CHUK-80-ST
80-Egg Partridge Egg Tray

Product#: KRC-59
Kuhl 59-Egg Pheasant Egg Tray

Product#: KRC-124
Kuhl 124-Egg Quail Egg Tray

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