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Transportation Coops

Kuhl offers the largest variety of transportation coops on the market. With 11 different models, you can be sure that Kuhl can serve all of your poultry transporting needs. Kuhl transportation coops are designed to accomodate quail, chukar, pheasant, chicken, duck, turkey, as well as, a variety of other of other breeds. Smart producers choose Kuhl.


Product#: COOP-8
Mid Sized Gamebird/Poultry Coop

Product#: COOP-2

Product#: COOP-6-Q
NEW Quail Coop

Product#: COOP-7
Fast-fill game bird coop

Product#: MEAT-F-T
Meat Freezer Tray

Product#: COOP-10
Transportation Coop

Product#: COOP-11A
Low-Cost Coop W/ End Door

Product#: COOP-12
Economy Poultry Coop

Product#: COOP-13
Economy Poultry Coop (slide top)

Product#: COOP-14
Low-Cost Transportation Coop

Product#: COOP-15
Extra High Poultry, Turkey or Duck Coop

Product#: COOP-16
Turkey Coop – knock down

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