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Overall History :

Kuhl Corporation is a family business currently in its third generation. Founded in 1909, Paul H. Kuhl built this business on the basis of quality, precision, and innovation. This strong foundation has enabled Kuhl Corporation to strive for nearly 100 years. Kuhl Corporation has established itself as a leader within its industry, as well as, one of the leading manufacturing firms in the United States.

Originally founded as a poultry manufacturing business (which still is a major share) Kuhl Corporation has expanded itself and branched out into many other industries. Some of these industries include bakery, red meat, dairy, pharmaceutical, distribution, pizza, candy and chocolate. Kuhl Corporation has been able to strive based on its ability to grow and adapt to the rapidly changing business world. Key concepts of innovation, growth and adaptation have enabled this success.

Kuhl Corporation is the only remaining family business in the poultry manufacturing industry. First founded by Paul H. Kuhl, Kuhl Corporation progressed substantially through the hard work and determination of his two sons Paul R. and Henry Kuhl. Though they are still very actively involved in the daily operations, Kuhl Corporation is now in its third generation of family operation. Jeff, Kevin, and Rick Kuhl continue to build upon the strong foundation in which Paul H. Kuhl had founded this business upon.

Kuhl Corporation has become the world’s largest manufacturer of poultry plastic equipment, as well as, the world’s leading innovator in commercial washing equipment. This wide ranging product line has enabled Kuhl Corporation to not only become its industry leader, but also endure the test of time. If you want it done right, choose Kuhl.
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